Ajodhya Pahar

The Best of Ajodhya Pahar – A Top-Notch Guide

Introduction: When it comes to tourist destinations in Purulia, Ajodhya Pahar is the most popular. Ajodhya Pahar is an extended section of the Eastern Ghats range, consisting of a medium-sized hill with tableland on top.  

Gorgaburu, the tallest peak in Ayodhya Pahar, is a part of the Dalma Hill range. The hill, which makes up its lowest step, is located within the expansive Chota Nagpur Plateau. It is a lovely hill covered in trees.  

You will be accompanied by the clamor of birds as you go through the forest on your way to the Ayodhya Hills. According to legend, Lord Rama and Sita stopped by this hill while they were in exile.  

The huge expanse of greenery and the winding roads are beautiful to look upon. It is one of the most popular surrounding weekend getaways from Kolkata despite having a height of only 712 meters.

You would undoubtedly fall in love with Purulia after visiting the Ajodhya Pahar. 

About Ajodhya Pahar 

Ajodhya Hilltop and Bagmundi both provide further lodging choices. There are three eco-resorts: the Eco-Adventure Resort, the Palash Bitan Jungle Hut, and the Gorgaburu Eco-resort, all of which are located in Khairabera. 

The Ajodhya hills range contains a number of peaks, including Gorgaburu (677 m), Mayuri, etc. Chamtaburu is the tallest peak in southern West Bengal (712 m).

The area is the lowest stepping stone on the Chota Nagpur Plateau. The terrain is generally rolling with occasional hills. Baghmundi or Ajodhya Hill is encircled by a sizable plateau. 

History Of Ajodhya Pahar  

Ajodhya Pahar

According to Hindu mythology, Rama and Sita visited and stayed at Ajodhya Hills during their exile. To quench Sita’s thirst, Ram shot an arrow through the Earth’s crust, and water gushed forth. Sita quenched her thirst by drinking.

The region is known as Sita-kunda. Tribal people from the nearby Santhal, Bhumij, and Munda communities come every year to take part in the Disum Sendra game of wild animal hunting during the full moon of Baisakh. 

More Information About Ayodhya Hills 

This is located 250 kilometers from the capital city of Kolkata, while 81 kilometers separate Ayodhya Hills from Jamshedpur in the Jharkhand state.

It also has a fascinating history, according to which Lord Rama and Sita once resided in this hill during one of their exiles. It is intriguing to learn more about its history from the locals. 

There are hiking trails in the deep woodlands and around the lakes. Witnessing wildlife and birds might satisfy the nature-lover in you if you love the outdoors and are eager to see its beauty.

The tribal atmosphere and culture are also advantages. 

Activities in Ayodhya Hills 

The highest peak in Ayodhya, Gorshabru, is situated right in the middle of the city.

This is undoubtedly a fantastic location to explore, especially for those who enjoy daring. Since Gorshabru is situated at a height of approximately 30,000 feet, it is the perfect place to go if you are itching for adventure.

This is the reason the area draws lots of mountain climbers to the city from all over the country and the world who want to take on the task of bringing out the beauty of this location. 

Also, this area has a number of deep forests that resemble what they are around the city. The woodlands in this area not only add to the beauty of the area but have also emerged as one of the most alluring attractions for travelers.  

You will be surprised to discover the spectacular waterfalls amidst the hills that again stretch over the city if you decide to take a route to this area. 

Last but not least, the fascinating locals are yet another alluring reason to go. You’ll fall in love with them for their kind and modest disposition.  

This location is beautiful and a terrific spot to visit because of the kindness you will receive from the locals. 

These hills together make an excellent journey for anybody who is traveling there purely for the aim of taking in the scenic splendor of the area. An amazing perspective of these hills is provided upon reaching the mountain range. 

After you get there, the view of the area covered in vegetation is endowed with lovely scenic splendor that is more impressive than a picture. 

It is entirely up to the tourist; if you want adventures, head to the Gorshabru Hills; if you simply want to spend some time outside of the city, just go and take in the scenery. This is the true getaway from the bustle of the city.

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