Surya Ashtakam

Surya Ashtakam Lyrics, Importance, And Benefits

Surya Ashtakam Lyrics in English

Surya Ashtakam:

1) Adi deva Namasthubhyam,

Praseeda mama Bhaskara,

Divakara namasthubhyam,

Prabha kara Namosthu they.

2) Saptha aswa radha roodam,

Prachandam, Kasypathmajam,

Swetha padma dharma devam,

Tham Suryam pranamamyaham

3) Lohitham Radhamaroodam,

Sarvaloka pithamaham,

Maha papa haram devam,

Tham Suryam pranamamyaham

4) Trigunyam cha maha sooram,

Brahma Vishnu Maheswaram,

Maha papaharam devam,

Tham Suryam pranamamyaham

5) Bramhitham teja punjam cha,

Vayu makasa meva cha,

Prubhustwam sarva lokaanam,

Tham Suryam pranamamyaham

6) Bandhooka pushpa sankaasam,

Hara kundala bhooshitham,

Eka chakra dharma devam ,

Tham Suryam pranamamyaham

7) Viswesam Viswa karthaaram,

Maha Theja pradheepanam,

Maha papa haram devam,

Tham Suryam pranamamyaham

8) Sri Vishnum jagathaam nadam,

Jnana Vijnana mokshadham,

Maha papa haram devam,

Tham Suryam pranamamyaham

Phala Sruthi

Suryashtakam idham nithyam,

Gruha peeda pranasanam,

Aputhro labhathe puthram,

Daridhro dhanavan Bhaveth.

Aamisham madhu panam cha,

Ya karothi raver dhine,

Saptha janma bhaved rogi,

Janma janma dharidhratha.

Sthree thails madhu maamsani.,

Yasth yejathu raver dhine,

Na vyadhi soka dharidhryam,

Surya lokam sa gachathi.

End of Lord Surya Ashtakam – Nava Graha Planet Surya

Importance Of Surya Ashtakam

Surya Ashtakam

In hindu religion Imprtance of Surya Ashtakam is very high. In the Vedas, the sun is referred to as the world’s soul. Today, it is accepted as a universal truth that life originates from the sun on Earth.

The sun is referred to in the Suryopanishad as the world’s soul and Brahman, and it is said to be the only explanation for the universe’s origin.

The Sun is said to have created and maintained the entire universe, according to the Suryopanishad’s shruti.

Due to the numerous Lord Surya temples that were constructed in India throughout ancient times, every living thing recognizes the Sun God’s special significance.

As a result, Suryadev is regarded by Hindu religious doctrine as a powerful deity.

It is said that anyone who encounters difficulties in their work should worship the Sun God.

Additionally, if job seekers worship the Sun God every Sunday with milk, rice, and sugar candies, there is a chance that they will find employment on seven Sundays.

For the worship of the Sun God, Sri Surya Ashtakam, commonly known as Suryashtakam, is referenced in the Puranas.

It is also mentioned there that reciting this mantra produces immediate benefits. They ought to be revered with all of one’s heart and intellect.

Additionally, if recited after waking up early and taking a bath, the likelihood of seeing results quickly increases significantly.

This instruction is said to yield immediate benefits in the Puranas.

Shri Surya Ashtakam Benefits

  1. Since the Vedic period, Lord Surya has been worshipped. Surya is referred to in the Rigveda as the soul of moving objects.
  2. Rigveda Suryattattva Sthambhushtha 1/111 The Sun has been identified as a determinant in social standing, self-respect, and work, among other things, since the Vedic era.
  3. Astrology has been referred to as Kaalpurush, the monarch of the souls and Navagrahas because modern science holds astrology in high regard. Sun will always have a reputation in society if it is powerful in every aspect of the horoscope.
  4. Surya is regarded as the architect of morality and the way of love in Indian culture. It is believed that worshiping the Sun promotes quick development.
  5. All planets revolve around the sun, which is the universe’s driving force and has an incredible gravitational pull. He is the orchestrator of all creation, and in Vedic astrology, he is regarded as the patriarch.
  6. It is stated that the world imparts knowledge of light, energy, heat, and life force while destroying pathogens and other living things like grass. The position of the Sun in the horoscope is given significant weight in Vedic literature.
  7. He has been accorded kingly stature in politics as well. The progenitor of Lord Rama, Suryavanshi Maharaj, had a long life by worshiping Rajdharma Surya.
  8. Samb, the son of Lord Krishna, is said to have been healed of leprosy through sun worship. Chakshushopanishad recitation on a regular basis might heal eye conditions.

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