Rose Garden Munnar

Rose Garden Munnar – A Lovely Place To Visit

Rose Garden Munnar is a lovely place to visit. It is just two kilometers from the center of Munnar, on National Highway 49. 3,500 feet are needed to reach the top. Daily hours for the Rose Garden are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Contrary to what the name might suggest, the well-kept garden includes Rose in addition to all the other blooms, giving it a miniature version of heaven on earth. 

Overview of Rose Garden Munnar 

Rose Gardens Munnar are home to a broad array of plants, including spices, crops like cardamom and vanilla, and a number of different fruit trees.  

Thanks to the alluring and exquisite scents that these agricultural plantings generate, your visit to the gardens will be enjoyable. 

Three thousand five hundred feet above sea level, the site offers a breathtaking view. It is just two kilometers from downtown and close to National Highway 49.  

The soft petals and vivid blooms make the place seem like a small version of heaven on earth. 

Despite being known as the “Rose Garden,” the area has a variety of different flora and trees. Numerous products, including vanilla and cardamom, are grown in the area. This region is also home to many fruit and spice trees, including those that produce the fruits litchi, strawberry, rumbuta, and amla.

Numerous floral plants can be found here. Year-round availability of seasonal tropical fruits, as well as fresh produce like cabbage, potatoes, cauliflower, bananas, and beans from the plantation farm.

In addition, you can buy flowering plant seeds to take home and grow as a souvenir of this wonderful place. 

What Makes Rose Gardens Munnar Special? 

Flora is situated on a two-acre property called Rose Garden that is home to a vast array of flora and plantations.  

The most prominent of them are the cardamom plantations, numerous spices, and crops like vanilla. It’s exciting to learn about and appreciate the variety of flowers and plants, such as Litchi, Rambutan, Strawberry, and Amla. 

The wonderful garden also offers superb natural honey, seasonal tropical fruits, and fresh veggies from the garden in addition to farm-grown coffee and tea.  

You can visit every part of Munnar from the environmentally friendly guesthouse that Rose Gardens offers. With hiking trails and trekking areas along attractive yet rustic footpaths, this site enables you to truly appreciate nature at its best. 

The Center for Floriculture in Munnar 

Rose Garden Munnar

Along with the aforementioned organically made plants, Rose Gardens’ most well-known feature is the Floriculture Centre.  

The Munnar Floriculture Center is maintained and operated by the Kerala Forest Development Centre (KFDC), a project of the Keralan government. This location has a fantastic herbal garden as well as rare flower varieties. 

 The profusion of tea estates that surround them, along with its flora, provide a pleasant fragrance adventure. 

Activities at Rose Garden Munnar 

The Kerala Forest Development Centre maintains the Rose Garden, which is spread out over 2 acres of land and offers much to keep you entertained. Here are a few examples: 

1. Picnic: The Rose Garden is a lovely place for people of all ages to enjoy a picnic, so pack your baskets and come prepared. You can relax by reading a book, playing cards, or engaging in any other activity you want. 

2. Bird Watching: Take a stroll with your friends and look up at the sky for a variety of birds. Due to the amount of lush vegetation surrounding the garden, you can see as many birds there as you like. 

3. Photography: The Rose Garden offers picturesque surroundings with gorgeous waterfalls and hills that act as the perfect backdrop for photographers to take some fantastic images. It is heaven for photo enthusiasts and passionate Instagrammers. 

4. Take Advantage of Eco-Friendly Homestays: The Rose Garden offers the option of eco-friendly homestays so that you can stay for a home-like experience and take in the best of this hill station in the comfort of your own home. 

Entry Fee and Rose Garden Munnar And Timing 

Each person must pay INR 20 to enter Rose Garden. It is always open to tourists from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and 1-2 hours are suggested for exploration. You will be required to pay an additional INR 30 if you are carrying a camera. 

Nearby Places To Visit Rose Gardens Munnar 

Dream Land Spices Park, Mattupetty Dam, Anayirangal Dam, Eravikulam National Park, Tea Museum, and Honey Bee Tree are some of the further local Rose Gardens Munnar attractions.  

You can have a good time with your family at Dream Land Spices Park. Trekking is the only way to get back up to the top, making the ropeway ride down to the park more adventurous. 

Exotic animal species like the ibex can be seen at Eravikulam National Park. You may learn about the lengthy history of tea plantations at the tea museum, and the Honey Bee tree is a source of pure honey. 

For all those who enjoy the outdoors, Rose Gardens Munnar is a must-visit location along with the other attractions in this hill resort.  

By engaging in outdoor activities, you can create a wealth of cherished memories with your family and loved ones.

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