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Karl Pojello Wiki | Bio

Full Name – Karolis Antonovich Pozela

Birthplace – Steigviliai (Lithuania)

Nationality – Lithuania

Profession – Amateur Wrestler, Manager, Professional Wrestler

Height & Weight – 205 lbs. (93 kg) at 5\’8\’\’ (1.73 m)

Wife – Olga Morasse

Date of Birth – 13th February 1893

Date of Death – September 4th, 1954

The other name of Karl Pojello is Karolis Požėla, Pojello was a Lithuanian professional wrestler and promoter who lived from February 13, 1893 to September 4, 1954.


Karl Pojello Early Life

Pojello was born in 1893 near Šiauliai, Lithuania. He moved to St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1906 to work in the pharmacy of his brothers Antanas and Motiejus. He was a member of the Russian army during World War I.

Karl Pojello Championships And Accomplishment

Heavyweight Championship of Europe (1 time)

Karl Pojello Wrestling Career


He was regarded as one of Russia\’s best amateur wrestlers when he was 18 years old. Pojello was the winner of an international wrestling tournament in Breslav in 1913.

He joined a group of professional wrestlers traveling from city to city after becoming a successful amateur wrestler. He traveled to China and Japan with them and wrestled there before arriving in Chicago in 1924. When he met A. Tamašiūnas, a Lithuanian wrestling promoter, in 1927, his career took a drastic turn. 

In under three minutes, he defeated Canadian wrestling champion Carl van Wurden. He didn\’t achieve fame and notoriety until he defeated Johnny Mayers, another Lithuanian wrestler who was considered as the world\’s middleweight champion.

He was one of the most well-known professional wrestlers in the United States at the time. Pojello returned to Europe and wrestled until World War II forced him and his friend Maurice Tillet to return to the United States.

We ranked Lithuanian heavyweight Karl Pojello second only to Jack Sherry on Wrestling Heritage\’s list of the Top Overseas Stars of the 1930s.

Karl\’s connection with Atholl Oakeley during Oakeley\’s 1931 American tour led to Pojello\’s arrival in Britain on November 11, 1932, as an American citizen. He never seemed to leave the country for the rest of the decade, but he did return to the US on occasion.

Pojello was a grizzled veteran with a wealth of experience, exactly the type needed to develop professional wrestling in the United Kingdom in the 1930s when there was a scarcity of homegrown talent.


Pojello was a class act, a man with a large arsenal of holds who could move quickly around the ring, according to all sources. After relocating from Lithuania, he learned his abilities as an amateur in St Petersburg.

By the age of twenty, he had won the Russian Greco Roman championship and was a famous international wrestler. As the Great War raged across Europe, he was recruited into the Russian Army\’s engineers division. He continued to wrestle as an amateur after the war, and it appears that he turned professional in 1920 or thereabouts.

Karl traveled to Siberia, Manchuria, Indochina, and Japan as a result of his wrestling career. He sailed from Japan to the United States in 1923, residing in Chicago and obtaining American citizenship.

Pojello began wrestling in Chicago in January 1924 and toured extensively across America during the 1920s, including an eighteen-month stint as an athletic instructor in the United States Army. He won the world light heavyweight championship by defeating John Meyers in February 1928.

\”Where Pojello is at fault is in lack of color, indicating he is no actor,\” the New York Sun said in February 1935.

He doesn\’t even have a pleasant voice. He takes himself far too seriously in his work. His face does not express pain or a range of emotions in a dramatic way, nor does he use the appropriate sound effects. Worse, he\’s an expert in mat technique.\”

Karl made plans to come to Europe and promote wrestling in France, according to Oakeley, while he was in America.

Oakeley, who had returned to Britain and was establishing himself as a successful wrestling promoter, convinced his friend to join him. \”An astounding revelation of technical wrestling,\” as Pojello\’s victory over Jack Pye in Nottingham in November 1932 was reported.


Between November 1932 and August 1939, Karl Pojello wrestled in Britain on a sporadic basis, with his first and last reported bouts both being losses of Jack Pye.

Between times, he was one of Britain\’s best wrestlers, defeating all of the major names, including Bulldog Bill Garnon and George Clark. Padvo Peltonin\’s and the Black Tiger\’s lead has been reduced to nil. Karl won the European Heavyweight Championship after defeating Heinrich Froehner of Germany in the sixth round at Nottingham in February 1933.

Six weeks prior, Froehner had deposed Oakeley as champion.

We\’d be remiss if we left out one of Karl\’s shadows, given how much credibility he brought to British wrestling. The news that mud wrestling had arrived in Britain made the top page of the Daily Mirror on May 20, 1938.

Karl Pojello battled Manuel Garcia in a ring filled with clay that was smeared in crude oil and sprinkled with soot at the end of a regular wrestling bill.

The crowd was said to have enjoyed themselves, having spent 12s 6d (62 12 p) for the right of getting pelted with mud, unless they had paid an additional 9d for a paper cape. It was not the best of times for the United Kingdom.

Karl came to America in August 1939, accompanied by his student Maurice \”The Angel\” Tillet, as war loomed on the horizon. Pojello wrestled until the mid-1940s, then shifted his focus to training and administration.

Karl Pojello died of lung cancer on September 4, 1954. Tillet was unwell at the time, and it\’s possible that the stress of losing the man he regarded as his rescuer contributed to his death from a heart attack only a few hours later.

Karl Pojello Death


Karl Pojello died of lung cancer on September 4, 1954. Maurice Tillet had a heart attack after learning of Karl\’s death. He was rushed to Cook County Hospital, where he died the following day. 

They are both buried in the same grave. Tamašiūnas, Pojello\’s friend and promoter, built them a gravestone. \”Friends Whom Even Death Couldn\’t Part,\” reads the inscription on the gravestone.

One of the big names was Pojello.

Karl Pojello died of cancer on September 4th, 1954, and his companion Maurice Tillett died on the same day. The newspaper accounts are all similar, but they all seem to follow the same identical sentence template.

Pojello was 61, according to all accounts, and there were many of them in the American press. Pojello, in my opinion, was not 61 years old. The newspapers were completely incorrect. The inscription on the monument was incorrect. Karl Pojello, I suppose, was ten years older than claimed.

Tillett, who admired Karl, was 51 years old. Certain aspects of genealogy are now considered \”Crown Copyright,\” and proof must be retrieved and expressed rather than reproduced.

So, let me explain my case about Pojello being 61 years old and born in 1893 by claiming that, as you recall, he came here in 1932 with Bartush, who was 24 years old at the time.

Pojello said he was 49 and lived in Golders Green, London. He was born in 1883 instead of 1893. On the way home, Pojello is 49 years old again. 3rd evidence. When he left Cherbourg in Berengaria in 1934, Pojello said he was 51 and his 43-year-old wife Olga Morasse was going to New York. 

Karl Pojello Wife – Olga Morasse


Karl Pojello\’s wife was called Olga, and Karl and Olga Morasse married on January 10, 1924, in Chicago. 

Olga was born in Russia in 1891 and died in New York in 1978.

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