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Frank Rocky Fiegel Wiki

Name – Frank Fiegel

Birth Place – E.C. Segar, Chester, Illinois.

Date of Birth – January 27, 1868

Death Date – March 24, 1947

Wife\’s Name – Olive Oyl

He died at the age of 79

Frank \”Rocky\” Fiegel (January 27, 1868 – March 24, 1947) was a real person from the hometown of E.C. Segar, Chester, Illinois, who (like J. William Schuchert and Dora Paskel) inspired a Thimble Theater character. In this case, Popeye. 

Frank Fiegel, nicknamed \”Rocky\”, is a well-known individual of Chester. Something of a local legend, he is said to have superhuman strength and is often involved in combat. Like Popeye, he smokes a pipe and has no teeth. They say he is also good with children. 

Since 1996, his tombstone has been engraved with Popeye\’s face when he first appeared at the Thimble Theatre. 

Frank Fiegel Popeye


Not many people know that Popeye\’s character actually exists. His real name is Frank `Rocky` Fiegel, born in Poland on January 27, 1868. He immigrated with his family to America, where he joined the Navy in 1887.

When Popeye\’s inventor met him, he was a retired sailor hired to clean and keep order at Wiebusch\’s pub in Chester, Illinois. He had a malformed eye (\”Pop-eye\”) due to his notoriety for being constantly involved in fights. In so many bouts, he had proven his strength that he had become a local legend. He always spoke with one side of his mouth since he smoked his pipe.

When he was with children, he would hold the pipe in the corner of his lips and tell them about his childhood pranks, bragging about his physical power and proclaiming loudly that spinach is the meal that makes him invincible.

Popeye\’s character creator Elzie Crisler Segar was born in Chester and was one of the children who had the privilege of hearing the former sailor\’s stories first-hand. 

He is also known to often engage in fights while conversely, he happily entertains local children with his feats of strength. But apparently, the photo that went viral on Facebook was of a British sailor listed in the Imperial War Museum as \”A leader nicknamed \’Popeye\’, with 21 years of service and combat on board. HMS Rodney in 1940.\” 

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Frank Rocky Fiegel Wife

Wife – Olive Oyl

Frank Rocky Fiegel Cause of Death

Mr. Fiegel died on March 24, 1947, at his home in Chester, according to an obituary published in the Chester Herald-Tribune on March 28, 1947.


He died at the age of 79, having been born on January 27, 1868. Frank \”Rocky\” Fiegel was a well-known figure in Chester, according to the editor, and was attributed with being the inspiration for Elsie Segar\’s \”Popeye.\” \”In his younger days, he did astounding feats of strength,\” the article says. He was affectionately known as \”Rocky\” because of his rugged build. Segar was evidently intrigued by his sharp jaw and familiar corn-cob pipe.

Here, Some More Facts – Rocky Fiegel


1. Popeye is the subject of a full webpage. You may read all about Popeye\’s background on this page, as well as meet his fellow comic-book characters Olive Oyl, Swee\’Pea, and Bluto. You may also buy Popeye hoodies and barbershop items, as well as upload Zoom backdrops featuring Popeye.

2. One of our Latitude crew members had a Popeye Big Little Book, which he claimed he had read over and over as a child.

3. Although there is a lot of information on the Internet and its often-doubted sources, it\’s undeniable that Popeye remains one of our favorite sailing heroes, even if he isn\’t real.

Olive Oyl Biography


Elzie Crisler Segar invented Olive Oyl in 1919 for his comic strip Thimble Theatre (which was later renamed after Popeye after the sailor character became the most popular member of the strip\’s cast).

She is Popeye\’s eternal sweetheart, and the two have remained together through thick and thin, facing many obstacles and adventures.

Olive has become one of the most well-known female cartoon characters in the world since her debut, and she is frequently used as a poster girl for the \”damsel-in-distress\” motif.

Olive was the younger sister of the ever-ambitious Castor Oyl and the daughter of Cole and Nana Oyl.

She had two male suitors when she reached adulthood: the \”lounge lizard\” Harold Hamgravy and the evil Willie Wormwood, but she selected the young Ham Gravy as her suitor.

Regardless, the sleazy Wormwood was hell-bent on winning Miss Oyl\’s hand, and he devised a slew of nefarious methods to accomplish so, all of which failed, partly owing to his own failings and partly because to Ham Gravy\’s efforts.


Wormwood would eventually leave Olive alone, enabling her to focus on her friendship with Ham Gravy, who would eventually become her fiancée. 

Ham Gravy was a slacker who did as little work as possible and was always borrowing money when he wasn\’t infatuated with other women, so their partnership would be challenging.

Olive was naturally enraged by his attraction to other women, especially if they were wealthy, and she once had a fit of \”lunaphobia\” (an intense rage) over one of his amours. 

She continued to pretend to have the condition when she recovered in order to win him back. She wasn\’t immune to flattery from other men, but she stuck by Ham throughout their rocky relationship.

Olive adores Popeye, and despite their rocky beginnings, she finally grew to love him. She can be pushy and possessive at times, always trying to force Popeye to do what she wants, but the quick-witted sailor typically manages to dodge his lover\’s fury.

Frank Rocky Fiegel Youtube Video – The Origins of Popeye

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