Amba Bai Temple

Amazing Facts About Amba Bai Temple

Amba Bai Temple is a very famous temple devoted to the Hindu goddess Lakshmi is also known as  Mahalaxmi Mandir or temple. 

Many Hindus visit the temples of Padmavathi, Kolhapur Mahalakshmi, and Tirumala Venkateswara to pay their respects to Goddess Mahalakshmi, the wife of Lord Vishnu. Traveling to these holy sites is supposed to hasten one’s attainment of moksha (salvation). 

Overview Of Amba Bai Temple 

The Mahalakshmi Temple was built by Karnadeva during the Chalukya period (634 CE). The gemstone murti of the crowned goddess is displayed atop a stone pedestal.  

It weighs about 40 kg. The three-foot-tall Mahalakshmi statue is made from black stone. In the temple, the Shri Yantra is engraved into one of the walls.

Behind the statue is a stone lion that represents the goddess (her vahana).  

The crown features a snake with five heads. She also carries a drinking dish, a mace, a shield, and a matulinga fruit.  

Goddess Lakshmi is extolled in the Lakshmi Sahasranama of the Skanda Purana as “Om Karaveera Nivasiniye Namaha” (lit., “Glory to the Goddess who lives in Karaveera”).

In the Lakshmi Sahasranama, these are Lakshmi’s 119th and 698th names, respectively.  

History Of Amba bai Temple 

Amba Bai Temple

The Vaikuntha battle between Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi is where the temple’s history begins.  

Sage Bhrigumuni kicks Lord Vishnu in the chest, but rather than retaliate or curse the sage, Lord Vishnu, being the supreme and eternal controller of all, instead welcomes the sage and makes sure his foot is not injured from the forceful kick.  

When Bhrigu responds that his foot might not be as strong as his chest, Vishnu begins pressing Bhrigu’s foot to the sage’s foot to console him. 

As Vishnu’s chest is where she resides, Goddess Lakshmi, who is witnessing all of this and cannot stand the insult to her husband, becomes immensely enraged.  

Lakshmi decides to leave Vaikhunta and descend to earth after Lord Vishnu maintains a loving, peaceful demeanor despite the muni treating her disrespectfully. 

The same Kolhapur where she lived and vowed to stay forever to bless all the numerous devotees that visited her then, today, and forever is the location where she descended to earth from Vaikhunta.


The Kirnotsav festival, also known as the Festival of Sun Rays, is the most well-known celebration conducted at the Mahalakshmi Temple in Kolhapur.

When the sun shines directly on the deity at sunrise, the temple celebrates the Kirnotsav celebration.  

While the Sun transits through the 17th, 18th, and 19th degree in the sign of Capricorn (Shravana nakshatra) in January, it passes through the 24th, 25th, and 26th degree in the sign of Libra (Vishaka nakshatra) in November.  

Since the lunar calendar must be adjusted every few years and every year aligns to a different Tithi, this is not aligned to any particular this. Additionally, because it is 9 months apart, it is not coordinated with the Uttarayan/Daskshinayan of the Sun’s path. 

It is not unexpected that even the rays of a setting sun honor Goddess Mahalakshmi Amba bai since prosperity and illumination are vital to human existence.  

But the surprise of the sage builders of the Mahalakshmi Temple in Kolhapur is that the setting Sun’s rays bow at the feet of the Goddess through a window for a while before dissipating.  

It is the architect’s skill, which was demonstrated more than a thousand years ago and is still evident now. Numerous people commemorate this unique occasion called Kiranotsav. 

Kolhapur: Itself a Holy Place! 

Amba Bai Temple

The taluk in which Kolhapur City is located is called Karveer since Kolhapur was formerly known as Karvir or Karveer.  

According to legend, Lakshmi and Vishnu will both remain in the Karveer region forever and won’t leave even until Mahapralayakala (when the entire globe is meant to drown in water) occurs.  

The Karveer region is shielded from every calamity since it is said to be kept in Mother Jagadamba’s right hand and to be perpetually blessed. 

This place is more beloved by Lord Vishnu than Vaikuntha since it is the residence of his spouse Lakshmi. Since so many sages and devotees have been drawn to this location because of its brilliance, its benefits and love for its followers are immeasurable.

Prabhu Shri Dattatreya is said to still visit this location every noon to ask for alms.

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