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Puthucode also known as Puducode is a lovely village situated in Kerala’s center that is surrounded by beautiful scenery.  

It is a border village between Palghat and Trichur districts and is roughly on the westernmost edge of Alatur Taluk in the Palghat District.  

A 400-year-old Bhagavathy Temple is located in the middle of four streets: South, East, North, and West. A village is referred to as each street.  

There is a Shiva temple and a water tank (Ayyankulam) at the end of North Village. A Shiva Mahal mandapam has been erected next to the Shiva temple.   

Puthucode, which has historically had a sizable Brahmin population, has a recently constructed mosque in the middle of a row of lined homes called theruvu, which is essentially where the mappillas live. 

The traditional Nercha season festivities are well-attended, and Puthucode is renowned for its Navaratri celebrations.  

During the Navaratri festival, Puthucode Kovil Pulimkari or Pulungari, a variation of sambar, is often prepared in temples.  

It combines four vegetables: raw bananas (vazhakkya/kachcha kela), white pumpkin (elavan/safed bhopla), yellow pumpkin (maththan/laal bhopla), and elephant foot yam (chenai/suran). 

Culture Of Puthucode 

A Bhagavathy temple also named Sri Annapoorneswari is found at the intersection of four streets in Puthucode Agraharam’s south, east, north, and west directions.  

A village is referred to as each street. It is thought that this temple is one of the 108 Durga temples built by Parasurama. 

A Shiva temple and a water tank can be seen near the end of North Village.  

According to legend, the temple used to be so wealthy that all of the objects and vessels it used were made of gold.  

At this temple, it has also become customary to chant Shyamala Dandakam every evening. 

A Shiva Mahal mandapam has been erected next to the Shiva temple. Shiva Mahal houses an Ayurvedic Hospital, a Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan branch center, a high school, and an elementary school.  

Puthucode is also home to the historically greatest Muslim population in Rowthers.  

The most well-known among them are Maralad Theru, Cheenikka Theru, Panangad Theru, Palli Theru, Thekku Theru, Meley Theru, and Puthu Theru. Their primary languages are Malayalam and Tamil. 

The Navarathri Festival, which lasts 10 days and 9 nights, is the biggest holiday observed in Puthucode.  

All of the houses in the village will be decorated with bomma kolu for the Navarathri celebration, and each village is allotted a specific day to have its festivities inside the Bhagavathi Temple.  

On that particular day, the organizers from the village will set up an elephant, a panchavadyam, a melam, and other festivities before transporting the Bhagavathi idol to their hamlet on an elephant.  

People who visit the temple are provided with lunch every day for free. Every day, on average, close to 2000 people will eat lunch. 

Famous Festivals  

Puthucode Temple

The largest festival held at Puthucode Bhagavathy Temple takes place throughout the months of September and October and is called Sarat Navarathri.  

During these nine days, all of Her subjects who are far from their homes congregate at Puthucode.  

On the Prathama tithi following Mahalaya Amavasya, the festival’s Dwajarohanam takes place, and the Aarattu follows on Vijayadashami day or the tenth day after the Dwajarohanam.  

For the first four days, there are twice-daily processions inside the temple on the outer Praakaram with caparisoned elephants, and for the following four days, a procession of caparisoned elephants is taken to each of the four villages, beginning with the south village on the sixth day.  

The deity’s Utsavamoorthy is transported to every hamlet on an elephant that has been caparisoned so that She might meet Her people.  

On the ninth night, there is a Pallivetta, and on the tenth day, there is an Aarattu.  

Every morning during Navarathri, the Utsavamoorthy is transported on an elephant to a nearby creek where the god is bathed and transported back to the temple after the appropriate alankarams. 

Famous People From Puthucode 

From Puthucode Krishnamurthy, a Carnatic musician, and P. R. Sundaram Iyer, whose grandson is P. C. Sreeram, an Indian film cinematographer, were two of Puthucode’s well-known citizens. The Sanskrit College was established in the village by Sundaram Iyer.

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