Kundalpur Madhya Pradesh

All About Kundalpur Madhya Pradesh

Kundalpur Madhya Pradesh is a sacred place in the Jain religion. It is situated in Central India, close to the city of Damoh, and is surrounded by stunning scenery.

It is located in the nearly central Madhya Pradesh district of Damoh. It is also referred to as Kundalgiri and Kundalgiri Siddha Kshetra.  

It is well-known for the Jain god Bade Baba Adinath Ji, whose statue is depicted in the Padamasana, a seated position. It is a statue of Baba Adinath that is 15 feet high. Acharya Vidyasagar Ji served as an inspiration for Kundalpur’s current appearance.  

Currently, a group called Shri Digamber Jain Siddha Kshetra Kundalgiri Prabandhakarini Samiti oversees the site. There are currently 64 or so temples in Kundalpur.

42 of them are situated on hills, and 22 are in foothills. The entire region is situated in a serene setting surrounded by woods.  

There is also a pond at the location called “Vardhaman Sagar” with a Jain temple called “Jal Mandir” in the centre of the pond. It gives the entire site a good appearance.

Road travel to Kumdalpur in Madhya Pradesh is simple from Damoh, Hatta, Jabalpur, and Sagar. The closest airport is in Jabalpur, while the closest train station is in Damoh (35 km away) (150 kms). 

History Of Kundalpur Madhya Pradesh 

The hill known as “Vardhamana Talao” had 30 temples at its base and 20 temples on the hill itself in 1884, according to Alexander Cunningham. 

The temples are rectangular buildings with pinnacles of various proportions and dome tops.  

The oldest temple at Kundalpur was the original Bade Baba temple, which is thought to have been built about the sixth century AD. It was situated on top of a hill within a walled courtyard with high rubble brick walls, and it had smaller shrines and temples.  

The Bade Baba pratima, along with its parikar (which included the Parshvanth pictures), filled the full back wall of the main garbhagrih. Th

e Bundela monarch Chhatrasal helped the disciples of Bhattaraka Surendrakirti repair the temple, according to an inscription in the building. Mahavira is mentioned in the fourth line of the inscription, which is dated December 31, 1700 CE.

Jina Marga (the “way to liberation”) and Jinadharma are mentioned in line 8.


Kundalpur Madhya Pradesh

On top of the hill near Kundalpur, there is a sizable statue of Rishabhanatha, also referred to as “Bade Baba” and “Adinath.” The statue stands 15 feet tall and rests on a plinth that is 3 feet high.

It is seated in the lotus pose. Parshvanatha images of the same height are placed on either side of it.  

Joseph David Beglar misidentified the statue in 1878 when he spotted the inscription posted on the wall as belonging to Neminatha. Alexander Cunningham misidentified the statue once more as a representation of Mahavira in 1884.  

Niraj Jain proved that the statue is indeed of Rishabhanatha in the source. Shridhar Kevali, the final Kevali, found salvation here as well. Many books, calendars, and posters have featured images of the Bade Baba monument. 

The most well-known of Kundalpur’s temples is the Bade Baba temple, whose main deity is Rishabhanatha, lovingly known as “Bade Baba.”

At the base of the hill, in the middle of Vardhamana pond, lies another temple known as Jal Mandir. In 1974, to mark the 25th anniversary of Lord Mahavira’s parinirvana, a Samosharana shrine was erected. In 1975, a manastambha was built in the dharmashala’s middle. 


Damoh is 37 kilometers away (23 miles), Sagar is 113 kilometers (70 miles), and Jabalpur is 143 kilometers (89 miles). The closest airport is Jabalpur Airport, while the closest railway station is at Damoh.

The closest airport, located in Jabalpur, is 155 kilometers away from Kundalpur. The closest railroad station, located 37 kilometers away and taking one hour to reach Kundalpur, is Damoh.

Annual Festival Of Kundalpur Madhya Pradesh 

Kundalpur Madhya Pradesh’s annual Festival of Colors is begin in  March, the Kundalpur Fair begins with the yearly meeting of Jains and lasts for two weeks. 

Top Tourist Attractions 

Kundalpur Madhya Pradesh is a popular place for pilgrims. In the vicinity are tourist destinations including Jabalpur, the Khajuraho temples, Panna National Park, and Bandhavgarh National Park for pilgrims. Several tourist attractions are conveniently located, and cab service is offered for travel there. 

Best Time To Visit 

Destinations for pilgrimages are examples of places where visits are made regardless of the optimum time to go. One can go there whenever it’s convenient for them. All year long, Kundalpur is easily accessible.  

Nonetheless, from October to May is a fantastic time to go because the weather is pleasant and numerous festivals take place during this time. Visitors prefer to come during this time. 

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